Fireflies ROT66 Generation II

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Main Improvement points from Gen1:

  •  More brightness and throw
  •  More compact size  
  •  Enhanced heat dissipation structure with deeper fins and thicker head
  •  Get rid of the battery carrier design
  •  Utilized new switch button , no swith leds


Version type:

  • 12x Nichia 219B SW45K R9080 High CRI Emitters
  • 12x SST20 4000K FD2 NW  
  • 12x SST20 6500K CW L4  10000lumens       40 000 cd
  • 12x SST20 5000K NW  L4 10000lumens      40 000 cd
  • 12x CREE XPL HI V3 5000K 12 000lumens    55 000 cd
  • 12 x CREE XPL HI V3 6500K 12 000lumens   55 000 cd
  • 12 x Osram 15W W2 6P 6500K  10 000lumens 100 000 cd     

Product Description:

  • Made of 7075 aluminum alloy 
  • Body color: Black color
  • HAIII Anodising Surface Finish
  • Stainless Steel bezel; 
  • Max Brightness: 7000~12000 Lumens
  • Max Throw distance:200~700 meters
  • Battery: 3x18650 
  • 15 degree angle TRI lens  & 45 degree beed surface TRI lens  (included)
  •  98% AR coating glass lens
  • Digital current regulation on lower brightness
  • IPX8 waterproof , underwater 2 meters
  • Fireflies-like Aux light-- Blue +Ice blue + Fresh Green 
  • Size: 105mm x 50mm x 46mm body
  • Net Weight: 290 gram

Included Accessories:   45 degree beed flood TIR Optics lens ; D-ring Tripod Screw ;  O rings ; hand strap ; Flashlight holster ; Gift box 

Optional Accessories:  Stainless Steel tail cap ;  Light diffuser for ROT66 ;  Extra Coated Glass lens


How to operate the light?  

ROT66 uses free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3

ROT66 Anduril code from toykeeper/flashlight-firmware

Optional Extra Stainless Steel tail cap:   (By default, the SS tail cap is not included)

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