Fireflies E07 Brass Limited Edition

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Version type:

  • 7x Nichia 219B SW40 R9080 4000K
  • 7x SST20 6500K 6000 lumens
  • 7x SST20 4000K FA3 4500 lumens
  • 7x CREE XPL HI V3 CW 6500K  6900 lumens Turbo brightness
  • 7x CREE XPL HI V2 5A NW 4000K  6200 lumens Turbo brightness

Product Description:

  • ​Made of Brass;  
  • 1x 21700 / 18650       
  • 25 degree angle TRI lens
  • 98% AR coating glass lens
  • Digital current regulation on lower brightness
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • with Ice Blue Aux leds (by default) ; with ice blue switch leds (by default)
  • Size:  113mm(L )x 37.5mm(Head) x 26mm(Body)

Accessories:  standby O rings ; Lanyard; Gift box


How to operate the light? 

Fireflies uses free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3

ROT66 Anduril code from toykeeper/flashlight-firmware



E07 Antique brass versin will start shipping on 22th Jan



E07 Antique-brass version will come back in stock around 5th Jan. We will update photos soon.

Below is a sample of PL47MU with Antique-brass finish, Just for color reference


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