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Hello Everyone

We are now supplying some masks in case anyone need.

Before sourcing back the mask stock, we got a dozen of mask samples from different manufactures / suppliers . The masks on sale are selected carefully. We do not have specialized equipment to test the masks, So we just do our best to compare these mask samples with each other and choose the better quality ones and choose qualified manufacture as possible as we can.

We do our best to keep the price as low as possible, however we will still charge a small-sum profit (our workmates do a lot of order proceeding and packing job) plus the paypal fees.

We want to donate some masks but we are small company,  which does not allow us to accomplish that. So we decide to offer a 10-pack of Free medical masks in each flashlights order after 25th March.  

Masks testing video is here .  


Note:  If the order quantity is no more than 100pcs of masks, the DHL Fee is extra 28usd.  If order quantity is over 100pcs masks , the DHL will be calculated by Size and we need to charge 45usd DHL fee.

For example , you add one box masks(50pcs) with DHL into shopping cart, then you add one more box of masks(50pcs) with Free registered shipping into shopping cart .  We will still ship the 2 boxes by DHL.


Update:  DHL discountinued Masks shipping.   There is an expensive way to send masks by DHL special way, We have to increase the DHL cost from 20usd to 50usd.  We recommend the Free registered shipping if it's not too emergent. 


3-Ply Non-medical Masks (50-pcs)   Filtering rate is below 40% ,   not recommended

This mask uses real meltblowing material. But Compared with Surgical Mask, the meltblowing layer is much thinner. And the build-quality is not as good.

3-Ply Level 2 Surgical Medical Masks (50-pcs)   (CE / FDA)  Highly  Recommended


Cooper KN95 4-layers Medical Masks  Top quality Recommended



KN95 5-Layers Medical Masks   Top quality Recommended



Made-in-Russia FFP2 Masks   (only 200pcs available)  Recommended


MSA FFP2 Masks  (100pcs available)



10pcs Children 5-layers KN95 Masks   (blue by default ;  If you need pink, please leave us a note to send pink)




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